Wednesday, January 30, 2013


While watching a documentary on the Military History Channel last weekend, a creeping chill took hold of me.  The show, entitled "Inside the Mind of Hitler", brought to mind some disturbing analogies with current events.  No, I'm not suggesting that Obama is another Hitler. What was chillingly disturbing was the similarity between how the German people idolized and blindly followed Hitler and the way many of Barack Obama's supporters behave toward him. The Germans considered Hitler to be their "savior". 

The "mainstream media", by and large, fail to report the president's gaffes and his less than sterling comments and actions. They print only what they want people to know. They provide cover for him and the result is that many people have a false picture of who Barack Obama really is and where he wants to lead the country. They have formed a rosy, positive picture of Obama in their minds which cannot be altered by facts and reality.

As with Hitler, a certain segment of our society is attempting to deify President Obama.  Newsweek called the recent inauguration "the second coming", a term with distinctly religious overtones.  Jamie Foxx referred to Obama as "our lord and savior" and people mindlessly cheered. This is deeply offensive to those of us who hold religious beliefs and I suspect the real Lord and Savior can't be too happy about it either.  

Human beings are all flawed to one degree or another, some more deeply than others. Following any human leader unquestioningly is inherently dangerous, especially if that leader has goals and motives that are less than honorable. It may well be impossible to reach those people who refuse to see how deeply flawed Barack Obama actually is. Their unquestioning, mindless devotion is frightening, and reminiscent of the old saying "there are none so blind as he who will not see." 

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