Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Taking Offense

President Obama has said several times that he takes offense at the suggestion that he is not telling the truth about the murders of our ambassador and three other people in Benghazi, Libya.  

I'm offended too, Mr. President.  I'm offended by the way your administration leaked sensitive information after the killing of Osama bin Laden, a politically motivated action designed to make you look good.  I'm offended by your tendency to refuse to call Islamic terrorists exactly what they are.  I'm offended by your refusal to say that attacks on our embassies and ambassadors are acts of war.  I'm offended by the way you took off for Las Vegas for fundraising the day after Ambassador Stevens' untimely death, and then went on to hobnob with Beyonce and Jay-Z. I'm offended by your many prevarications and misleading statements.  I'm offended by the fact that you apparently think Americans are as dumb as a box of rocks.  

After having been lied to so many times during your administration and your nasty campaign, Mr. President, if you're offended that we now doubt your word, I'd just have to say "too damn bad".  Put on your big boy pants and start acting like the President of the U.S. for a change.  I for one am sick of your immature whining, as well as your automatic tendency to blame others instead of taking responsibility yourself.  

Friday, October 26, 2012

Dereliction of Duty

It's been six weeks since the attack on the consulate at Benghazi and the president has still not held a press conference to answer questions.  

The "dereliction of duty" from the title of this post refers not to the president (although I do believe he's not doing his duty), but to the press.  It's a journalist's job to ask tough questions and get to the bottom of things.  Yet, when Brian Williams interviewed President Obama, he didn't ask any hard questions or follow-up queries.  Why?

It's obvious that we no longer have a press corps interested in doing anything other than getting Obama re-elected.  I just heard Geraldo Rivera on The O'Reilly Factor asking why Mitt Romney hasn't asked the president questions about Benghazi.  The answer to that, Geraldo, is that it isn't his job to do so!!  It IS the job of "journalists" to do it and clearly they either don't understand their job description or they have their heads so far up Obama's butt that they can't see daylight. Either way, the American people are the losers here.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I'd like to say a few words to those "undecided" voters, especially those in the so-called "swing states".  

I suspect that some of these voters are like my next door neighbor.  He's a nice guy, a life-long Democrat who finds himself faced with a dilemma.  He doesn't like Obama, but he doesn't care for Romney either.  What to do?

I didn't particularly like John McCain in 2008, but given the choice between him or Obama, I had to weigh which one I thought would be less damaging to the country, if not better for the country.  Sometimes that's the choice we have to make, one in which we don't wholeheartedly agree with or like a candidate, but one who's clearly the better of two mediocre choices.

If you supported Obama in 2008, but feeling disappointed in his performance as president, please consider a few things. Economically, President Obama has failed to cut the deficit as he promised he would, our debt is higher than ever, his policies have stifled energy production, and the unemployment rate has remained stubbornly high. This is the weakest "recovery" after a recession that this country has ever experienced. Sadly, Obama has divided this country along economic and racial lines. Obama has shown no inclination to change his policies or his beliefs, so why would another four years of the same thing give us different results?  

I would respectfully ask that you try to keep an open mind and take an objective look at what President Obama has actually done.  Don't listen to his rhetoric - this is a man who often says one thing and does another.  Just watch what he does.  

Isn't it time to give someone else - namely, Mitt Romney - a chance?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Mystery to Me

I just heard on Fox News that the great majority of people believe Obama will win the debates.  This is one of life's mysteries to me.  I've watched Obama over his presidency and one thing stands out to me:  he stumbles a lot when he doesn't have his teleprompters.  People talk about how eloquent he is.  I beg to differ.  Eloquence is the ability to speak with clarity and conviction without a written script or speech.  When Obama wanders off-script, he tends to put his foot in his mouth.

I believe President Obama's oratorical skills are vastly overrated, as is his intelligence.  I plan to watch the debates and I fully expect that Obama will have certain talking points that he will repeat over and over, while failing to answer the questions. I also expect to hear a lot of lies from Obama.  I hope Mitt Romney calls him on it.  When it comes to Barack Obama, I've never seen anyone who can talk so much while saying so little.