Tuesday, December 14, 2021

 A Mass Delusion

A segment of our society has reached a level of insanity that defies explanation and common sense.  They seem to be living in a self-delusional state, for what purpose I cannot discern.  The young people of this country are the most vulnerable to the damage and personal confusion this minority is wreaking.

I'm speaking of the transgender "craze" and especially the insanity of allowing biological males to compete against biological females.  One case is front and center at the moment, i.e., the male swimmer at Penn who identifies as a female.  He's being allowed to compete on the women's team and needless to say, he's breaking records as a "woman".  This is grossly unfair to both the women on his own team, as well as the teams against which they compete.  

Let's consider a few undeniable biological facts.  First, men generally are bigger than women, they have greater muscle mass, larger hearts and lungs, and more blood volume.  This all translates to a physical advantage over women, especially in those sports requiring speed and strength.  It makes no difference what the male "identifies" as; chromosomally and biologically, he's a male.  

Where are the so-called feminists in this?  If they really cared about women's rights, shouldn't they be speaking up on behalf of the disadvantaged females who are being forced to compete against men?  I have a suspicion that they're staying quiet because to speak up would be an admission that men and women are basically different and when it comes to physical activity, men have a decided advantage.  

One can only hope and pray that this delusion will meet its demise very soon.  A society that tries to promote untenable propositions on its citizens is a society that is mentally unhealthy.  People must stand up to this immoral idiocy, speak common sense, and remain courageous against the castigations sure to come their way.