Sunday, July 7, 2019

An Open Letter to Megan Rapinoe 

Dear Megan,

I'd like to offer my congratulations to the American women's soccer team for your success.  I'm well aware of the hard work and training that goes into winning in sports and I know it takes a lot of personal discipline to succeed, especially at this level.

Your wins, however, have been tainted for millions of Americans, including me, by your antics.  As someone who leans to the conservative side, I will defend your right to freely express your opinions, even if I do think you're seriously misguided.  However, when you are in uniform out on that soccer field, you are not only working, you are representing the United States of America and the millions of people who love this country.  Your kneeling during the National Anthem is a slap in the face to your fellow Americans.  If you want to express your political opinions, please do so on your own time when it is clear that you represent only yourself, and not the country as a whole. 

Those of us who work in ordinary employment are constrained by our employers as to what we may say and do when we are on the job.  So should it be with you and your teammates.  If you feel you can't stand respectfully during the National Anthem, may I suggest that you go play for another country? 

Your obnoxious behavior is offensive to millions of us and I am embarrassed to have you represent this great country.  You and your teammates could also stand to learn a bit about winning graciously.  I'm under no illusions that you'll be bothered by my opinion, if indeed you even become aware of it.  Just be aware that you not only appear to be an ungrateful brat, you are damaging the sport of soccer which you presumably love.

Carol Mason