Monday, February 8, 2010

The Set-Up for November

"If Congress decides we're not going to do it . . . then the American people can make a judgment as to whether this Congress has done the right thing for them or not. And that's how democracy works, with the elections coming up. " - Barack Obama
With that statement, Obama is setting the stage for shifting the blame away from himself for the health-care debacle.  First, note that he's putting the onus on Congress, not himself or his lack of leadership.  Second, he undoubtedly knows the Democrats are going to suffer losses, possibly of catastrophic dimensions, in the November elections.  It should be obvious to everyone, with the exception of those who still blindly hang on to the delusion that Obama is doing a great job, that after November, BO is going to say that the Dems lost votes because they failed to pass health-care reform. 

Will anyone believe that?  Some hardcore lefties probably will; the rest of America, not so much.  What many on the left will never understand is that Democrats will be voted out of office not because they failed to pass health-care reform, but because they attempted a governmental take-over of health-care, all the while ignoring our protests. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Impulse Control Deficit

The Obama administration is becoming famous for making pronouncements that seem to be totally devoid of thought:

  • Obama declares that he will close Guantanamo; never mind that he has absolutely no plan about what he'll do with those detainees after Gitmo closes
  • Rahm Emmanuel calls the ideas of his fellow Democrats retarded, offending Sarah Palin and untold others who have children with special needs
  • Janet Napolitano declares that "the system worked" after terrorist wannabe Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab almost succeeds in blowing up a Northwest Airlines jet over Detroit
  • Attorney General Eric Holder decides to mirandize Abdulmutallub after just 50 minutes of interrogation by the FBI, causing the talkative terrorist to suddenly clam up
  • Eric Holder  announces plans to hold the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11, in New York City.  This in turn causes an uproar among the public and in Congress, which is forcing the administration to find a new venue for the trial
  • Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood issues a statement that Toyota owners should "quit driving" their cars, then has to backpedal and says he "misspoke"
These are the examples that come readily to my mind; I'm sure if I spent a little more time on this, I could come up with several more without too much effort. 

Do any of these people ever bother to engage their brains before operating their tongues?  These incidents are deeply troubling on several levels.  They demonstrate a lack of forethought, an inability to foresee consequences, poor impulse control and a profound lack of maturity and wisdom.  I believe many of these people are simply incompetent, not real bright and some of them deserve to be fired.  Add to that a profound lack of seriousness and you have a disaster in the making.