Monday, June 18, 2012

Something to Really Look Forward To

I look forward to the day, which hopefully will occur in January, 2013, when Obama is no longer president.  I dream of being free of seeing his face and hearing his voice on a daily basis.  I long to have Michelle Obama retire so I no longer have to see her tacky outfits or hear her preach about our eating habits.    

Mychal Massie is a conservative blogger who also happens to be black.  He has written eloquently about this very thing today and you can see it here:

When He Is No Longer President

Happy reading!

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Blame Game and Ineptitude

President Obama, who, as we all know by now, is responsible for nothing, continues his assault on the "do-nothing" Congress (actually, it would be far more accurate to say "the do-nothing Senate", but I digress).  On the campaign trail, he has berated Congress for failing to act on a number of measures that Obama claims would help the economy and jobs market.

I doubt that Obama will see it this way, but to me this is indicative of the president's lack of leadership.  There have been many presidents who have had to work with a Congress dominated by the other party, but the good presidents manage to get things done anyway.  Obama's constant harping on Congress' inaction in reality highlights his ineptitude in dealing with them.  A better president would know how to work with Congress to get things done.  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Falling or Climbing?

Words have power:  the power to inform and the power to deceive.  The Obama administration is adept at using words to mislead.  Sometimes, they cross the line into outright lies.

As printed in the Wall Street Journal's main editorial today, the Obama campaign is running an ad "blitz" trumpeting that during Romney's tenure as governor, Massachusetts "fell" to 47th place in the country for job creation.  The truth is that when Mr. Romney became governor, Massachusetts was 50th in job creation, at the bottom of the barrel.  So, when Mitt Romney was governor, Massachusetts actually climbed to 47th place.  This is a distinction the Obama campaign doesn't want to make and, unfortunately, many people won't look any further to discern the truth.

Mr. Obama doesn't want to put his own record out there as justification for a second administration, so he's trying to make his opponent look bad, taking the focus off his own pathetic record.  So far, it hasn't seemed to work.  I think many people now know that Mr. Obama's figures are, at best, half-truths, if that.