Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Food Nazis

Michelle Obama and her minions of food police are busily trying to manage everyone's eating habits, especially those of children.  McDonald's is shrewdly trying to stay ahead of the regulation curve by downsizing the portion of french fries in a Happy Meal and substituting apple slices (won't those apples have to have some kind of preservative on them to prevent their turning brown? Horrors - I'm sure they'll devise some kind of regulation for this too).  

Having worked in the health/fitness field for 16 years, mainly in corporate wellness programs, I feel at least somewhat qualified to comment on this.  What I quickly learned when I started working in the field is that you can educate people, give them the information they need to make good choices, help them develop strategies to incorporate healthy habits into their lives, but you can't force them to actually make changes.  The simple truth is that this is a personal responsibility and the majority of people simply are not willing to make changes in their eating and exercise habits.  

Aside from that fact, it is the job of parents, not the government, to monitor and control what their children eat.  I saw a woman the other night on the news who wants to stop McDonald's and other fast food restaurants from marketing to children.  You see, this makes her children ask her to go there, and she's forced to say "No" and she hates saying no to her children.  Well, grow up, lady, and be your children's mother, not their friend.  

This out of control government of ours is usurping responsibilities and intruding more and more into our lives.  Wake up, people, and take responsibility for your own choices.  Quit relying on government, or pretty soon  you'll find you don't have any choices.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where's the Rebuttal?

I can't help wondering why Republicans are so inept at answering the demagoguery of the Democrats.  One instance in particular in really getting under my skin.

When Barack Obama tells everyone that he can't guarantee that Social Security recipients will get their checks or that Medicare patients will get theirs, why do the Republicans sit there like bumps on a log?  They should go straight to the American people and say something along these lines:  "We have the revenue to meet our major obligations.  If we fail to reach a debt limit agreement and Social Security checks don't go out, it's because President Obama made the choice not to send them.  He's telling you that Social Security isn't important enough to him to prioritize it and he's using you as a political pawn."

I'm sick and tired of the Republican's failure to counteract the lies and scare tactics coming from the president's mouth.  Enough!  I don't listen to anything Obama says anymore, but too many people do and actually believe him!  Republicans must be more forthright in answering the half-truths and outright lies that abound in this administration.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Insanity Masquerading as Economic Policy

The Center for American Progress has cited two studies purporting to show that raising the minimum wage creates jobs.  The logic of this escapes me...please help me out here.

Why do businesses hire people?  I think liberals don't understand this fundamental of the business world.  Businesses hire people for only one main reason:  they need them to perform certain jobs.  If a business isn't growing or is in a downward spiral, they don't hire.  It's that simple.

I challenge the authors of this "study" to explain how raising the minimum wage would create jobs.   If an employer isn't otherwise hiring, would telling him that he has to pay his hourly employees more give him an incentive to hire more people?  This is not only illogical, it borders on insanity.  This is what passes as policy in the liberal world, where logic and reason do not abide.