Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where's the Rebuttal?

I can't help wondering why Republicans are so inept at answering the demagoguery of the Democrats.  One instance in particular in really getting under my skin.

When Barack Obama tells everyone that he can't guarantee that Social Security recipients will get their checks or that Medicare patients will get theirs, why do the Republicans sit there like bumps on a log?  They should go straight to the American people and say something along these lines:  "We have the revenue to meet our major obligations.  If we fail to reach a debt limit agreement and Social Security checks don't go out, it's because President Obama made the choice not to send them.  He's telling you that Social Security isn't important enough to him to prioritize it and he's using you as a political pawn."

I'm sick and tired of the Republican's failure to counteract the lies and scare tactics coming from the president's mouth.  Enough!  I don't listen to anything Obama says anymore, but too many people do and actually believe him!  Republicans must be more forthright in answering the half-truths and outright lies that abound in this administration.

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