Friday, February 8, 2013

The Obama Dictionary

President Obama promised that he would have the most transparent administration ever.  Well, that hasn't exactly happened has it?  Part of the problem is Obama's penchant for using euphemisms instead of plain talk.  To help everyone understand what the president is really saying, please see the "dictionary" below.

  • Balanced approach:  A combination of miniscule, meaningless spending "cuts", coupled with large tax hikes.  
  • Invest, as in we need to invest in education, infrastructure, research, renewable energy, etc.: Spend more and more of the taxpayers' money, often throwing good money after bad and usually getting nothing in return for our "investment".  
  • Green energy:  A black hole into which billions of taxpayers' dollars are "invested" (see above), with nothing to show in return.  It doesn't make any difference that it doesn't produce results; we're compelled to keep pouring those tax dollars into it.  
  • Sequester:  A tool suggested by the White House to bludgeon Republicans into giving the president what he wants, i.e., tax hikes coupled with no spending cuts.  This tool may, however, prove to be useless for this purpose, depending on whether or not the Republicans find a spine. 
  • Benghazi:  A city in Libya, where we once had a consulate, and where our ambassador and three others were killed last September.  This word doesn't appear to be part of Obama's vocabulary.  
  • Tax reform:  Elimination of deductions, coupled with tax hikes on the "wealthy".  An example of real tax reform would be the flat tax, in which everyone pays the same rate, coupled with closure of loopholes enjoyed only by those who have the wherewithal to hire lawyers and accountants to find said loopholes.  
  • I:  President Obama's favorite word, used liberally in most of his public appearances.  It refers to his favorite person, himself.  
Hopefully, this will clarify some of the statements emanating from the Obama administration.  In closing, there are some words of wisdom from Andrew Carnegie I'd like to share:  "As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do."

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