Thursday, January 17, 2013

Listen Up, Republicans!

Republicans continue to amaze and dismay many of us with their ineptitude in dealing with President Obama.  Not that they'll listen, but here are a few tips for the Republican "leadership".

  • Do something different!  What you've been doing isn't working, so it's time to come up with a new strategy. Never, ever forget that Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, et al. are NOT honorable people. They are fundamentally dishonest and will do whatever they can to destroy you. Maintain your integrity, but don't trust that these people will keep their word about anything.  
  • Call out Obama on his lies and deceptions. Don't allow him to stand there and say that if you don't raise the debt ceiling, the U.S. will default on its obligations. Not raising the debt ceiling does not equal default. True, some cuts will have to be made and this will be painful. Make it clear that the president gets to decide what is cut, so if Social Security, welfare or Medicare recipients don't get their benefits, it's because the president chose to make cuts in those programs!
  • Decide what you believe in and develop the courage to stand by your principles.
  • Don't assume people know more than they actually do. Explain clearly and concisely, without being condescending, why you're taking the position that you are. Don't throw terms like "capital gains" around freely.   I'd bet that most people in this country couldn't tell you what capital gains even are.  
  • Don't pander to us by trying to give us more "goodies" than the Democrats.   
  • Pick one or two people in both the House and Senate to be your spokespeople. They must be able to clearly articulate your positions and the reasons behind those policies. Make use of the social networks and technology available to you. Better yet, follow the advice of Daniel Henninger, who writes in the Wall Street Journal that the Republicans should create an office of chief party spokesman, one for the House and one for the Senate. This position would be analogous to the White House's press secretary (hopefully, the Republicans can find someone more charismatic than Jay Carney - shouldn't be difficult!). This might bruise a few egos of those politicians who like to appear on the Sunday morning talk shows, but so be it.  
Americans are hungry for real leadership and courage.  We're not getting it from this administration, so Republicans must step up to the plate and fill that void.  

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