Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why the Chaos?

Having lived on the Texas Gulf Coast all my life, I've experienced several hurricanes.  The people here know that when a hurricane is approaching, you do some common sense things:  put gas in your cars and gas cans because you may not be able to pump gas after the storm, fill up containers and bathtubs with water and stock up on nonperishable food items.  

Apparently, the people on the east coast didn't realize what they should do to prepare.  They're now suffering with lack of electrical power and, in some cases, lack of food.

What I'm wondering is why in the world doesn't the governor or the president call out the National Guard to fly supplies in to these people? Good grief - this is the United States, not Haiti!  

I know the havoc that a hurricane can wreak and how long it can take to get things back in order.  It seems to me, however, that a little advance preparation could have possibly prevented some of this.  

My thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by this storm.  I hope things get back to normal soon for you.  

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