Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Are We Mortally Wounded?

No one can deny that the United States has had a history of rocky race relations.  It was my perception, however, that things had improved over the last two decades.  We've had two black Secretaries of State, we have a black president and black attorney general, as well as a black Supreme Court justice.  

In spite of these strides, I believe the relationship between blacks and whites in this country has suffered during the Obama administration and, moreover, I believe this has been deliberate on Obama's part.  He has fostered anger and resentment in a blatantly political effort to turn out his base of support for the election.  How cynical does one have to be to engage in such despicable tactics?

I fear that if Obama wins re-election there will be violent event in cities along the lines of sports celebrations that get out of hand and result in looting and burning.  On the other hand, if Obama loses there may well be violent riots such as the LA riots of a few years ago.  

This country is more divided than any time I can remember. It's whites against blacks, poor vs. rich.  Check out some of the comments that appear after online news stories and on Twitter.  Many of them are vile, including name-calling and threats of violence and even death.  

This attempt to rip this country apart will be part of Barack Obama's legacy.  I just pray that we can put an end to this today, election day, and hopefully get this country on a healing path, although I believe that will be a long and sometimes painful road.  

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