Friday, November 30, 2012

Memo to Obama: the Campaign's Over

President Obama has been campaigning for at least the past six years.  He doesn't know how to do anything else; he certainly doesn't have the qualities of a good leader or negotiator.

The president appears to not be serious about the fiscal crisis this country is facing.  He is mired in juvenile stubbornness and rigid ideology.  John Boehner offered him a good compromise that increased revenues through limits on deductions for the wealthy.  How did Mr. Obama respond to this overture?  He made a counter-offer that included raising the top rates and increasing taxes on capital gains and dividends.  Also, the White House wants more spending on a new stimulus, extension of unemployment benefits, new money to refinance underwater mortgages, etc., etc., etc. The icing on the cake is that President Obama wants Congress to give him the authority to increase the debt limit whenever he wants and as much as he wants.  What does Mr. Obama offer? In exchange for all these concessions, Obama says he will "consider" spending cuts next year.  Republicans are absolute fools if they fall for this slimy trick.  

It's obvious that Mr. Obama's idea of "compromise" is that Republicans simply roll over and do exactly as he wants. Whether it's due to his temperament or limited intellectual capacity, Obama is simply inept when it comes to negotiation. This caused Harry Reid to leave him out of the final negotiations about the debt ceiling last year.  

The president is probably not worried about this.  He knows that many of his supporters are not well informed about fiscal matters and they'll believe anything he tells them. So, he'll blame Republicans when everyone's taxes increase and the economy falters and the mainstream media certainly won't tell anyone otherwise.  

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