Monday, November 19, 2012

Casting Stones

Mitt Romney has become the favorite punching bag of many Republicans, as they point the finger of blame for a lost election.  What's the point in that?  It's nonproductive and focused on the past.  

There is nothing Romney could have done differently that would have won this election for him.  Conservative talk show hosts are fond of saying that this is a "center-right" country, but could it be that that is no longer true?  As secularism has grown in this country, increasing numbers of people are shutting God out of their lives and becoming more lax and tolerant of things that used to be frowned upon, if not condemned outright.  

Couple this with the formidable data-gathering machinery of the Obama campaign and you have a nearly insurmountable obstacle.  President Obama has been campaigning the whole time he's been in office and has accumulated a great wealth of information about donors, as well as psychological information about how various groups are likely to respond to different messages.  This has allowed them to tailor different messages to various groups of potential voters.  

Let's give Mitt Romney a well-deserved rest as we look to the future.  Republicans should, of course, learn from past mistakes, but they would also do well to become more technologically savvy about nurturing likely constituents and attracting new voters.  We have much to look forward to, so let's get busy!

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