Friday, September 14, 2012

Obama the Bloodless

The violence in Egypt and Libya the last few days that resulted in the death of ambassador Christopher Stevens and others is spreading like a cancer, not only in the Middle East, but also to London and to American college campuses today. Hillary Clinton has continued to try to mollify the fanatics, to no avail.  I wish the administration would get a clue and realize that these guys only understand and respect force. They view tolerance and appeasement as weakness, not virtues. Why does the Secretary of State keep referring to the video that allegedly spawned this situation?  It wasn't the video, Mrs. Clinton.  It's the mindset of the eternally aggrieved that's the problem. The video is merely an excuse.  

As the chaos spreads, the president is out campaigning and fund-raising as if everything were wonderful.  He has always seemed aloof to me, but he now appears to be completely detached from the real danger confronting us.  The day after the ambassador's death, he made a brief, cold announcement that was utterly devoid of passion or anger, then took off for Las Vegas to campaign.  Then came the big announcement yesterday that Obama raised more money than Romney in August, as if that were the most important news of the day. Could he be any less caring?

This country is hungry for real leadership and strength. In these dangerous times, we need a serious, responsible person in the oval office, and I feel that we don't even have a president; we have a campaigner-in-chief.  The United States needs and deserves better.

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