Sunday, September 9, 2012

Emotions and the Polls

Obama has gotten a bounce in the  polls since the Democratic convention.  Hopefully, it will be, as Peggy Noonan called it, a "dead-cat bounce", similar to what happened after the Navy SEALS killed bin Laden.  

How can anyone with even half a brain vote for Obama?  According to the polls, Obama is viewed as more empathetic than Romney.  Is that a good reason to vote for someone?  A disturbing number of people appear to believe that Obama really cares more for people than Obama.  Yeah, right.   How can Obama care for people he doesn't know when he doesn't even help his own half-brother in Kenya, who lives in utter poverty?  

I fear that ignorance and downright stupidity will get Obama re-elected.  There are too many people in this country who operate on emotion and willfully ignore facts. There's nothing inherently wrong with emotions - we all have them - but they are a poor foundation on which to base important decisions.

I'm beginning to think that potential voters should have to demonstrate at least some rudimentary knowledge and understanding of current events before they are allowed to vote.  Would that be unconstitutional?

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