Thursday, December 8, 2011

Voter Intimidation?

The NAACP is planning to go to the UN (of all places!) to charge that various states in the U.S. are adopting laws aimed at preventing minorities from voting.  

I don't know what's going on in all of the states, but here in Texas the legislature has passed a law requiring a photo ID in order to vote. How egregious!  

The "logic" of the argument that this requirement disenfranchises minority voters escapes me.  It's not even as if you have to go pay to get an ID, at least in Texas. If you don't have a valid drivers' license or some other acceptable form of ID, the state will provide one for you free of charge.  

I would guess that most people have some form of photo ID. Don't the minority voters who would supposedly be barred from voting ever engage in any activity that requires a photo ID? Heck, I recently went to a new doctor and had to show my drivers' license at that office!

Is it possible that Democrats are so vehement in their opposition to this because it reduces the risk of voter fraud?  Makes one wonder, doesn't it?

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