Friday, December 9, 2011

Holder Should Leave - Please Sign the Petition

Attorney General Eric Holder is trying his best to slither out of responsibility for Fast and Furious.  He was at his Clintonian best as he tried to differentiate between misleading Congress and lying.  He also apparently has the poorest memory anyone has ever seen since he can't seem to recall anything of significance about ANYTHING.  

Just what in the hell does this man do in his capacity as Attorney General since he can't recall a darn thing and consistently denies involvement, not only about this matter but other controversial cases as well (remember the New Black Panther Party incident)?!  He has consistently demonstrated poor judgement with his decisions; he is either incompetent, a liar, or both and for the good of this country he should resign.  If he doesn't voluntarily resign, Obama should publicly ask for his resignation, although I won't hold my breath about it.  

Dick Morris has a petition that will be sent to your representatives asking that Eric Holder be forced to resign.  Please consider signing it, as I have, to try to rid our country of this farcical AG.  

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