Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Well, Which Is It?

Having just announced that they will hear arguments for and against Obamacare, the Supreme Court is tackling the important issue of the future of health care in this country.  

There is duplicity evident in many of the actions of the Obama administration.  On the one hand, they argue that access to health care is a "right" and on this basis, they push the idea of government-provided health care for one and all.  

On the other hand, Obama appoints men to head Medicare/Medicaid and the Social Security Advisory Board who clearly and openly favor health care rationing.  If you believe that every person has a "right" to health care, how do you then decide that one person has more of a right to it than another?  Are some people more equal than others? How does one measure the value of a human life?  

It's obvious to any clear-thinking person that if the government provides your health care, rationing will be a necessity.  Aside from the question of the constitutionality of portions of Obamacare, do you really want a governmental bureaucrat to decide if you are to receive or be denied necessary medical care?  

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