Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Racism Dodge

Liberals really need to find a new accusatory term. The old word, racism, is starting to lose its punch.

A favorite tactic of liberals is to call anyone who disagrees with them "racist". If you're against illegal immigration, it's because you're racist; if you disagree with the President on anything, it's because you're - you guessed it - racist; if you seek to punish a black politican for malfeasance - well, you get the picture.

This tactic has worked in the past, but won't keep working forever. The whole purpose of throwing that term at another person is to put a halt to discussion of whatever topic is at hand. Liberals do this because they know they can't counter policy arguments with substance and logic, so they fall back on emotion.

Sooner or later, liberals and progressives will have to come up with something more substantive than name-calling. More and more people are beginning to see through these agendas and are not going to put up with it. Consider yourself warned.

1 comment:

  1. The danger of continually calling those who disagree with you "racist," is that eventually the magnitude of the meaning behind that word is lost.