Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If You Can't Beat Them - Lie to Them

We continue to hear from the President and Congress that we absolutely have to have healthcare reform to help control costs and lower the deficit. I'm insulted that they think we're so stupid as to believe this.

Past experience has taught us that the government can't run anything economically and efficiently. There's one thing that those within the Beltway simply don't seem to understand: we, the people, in ever increasing numbers neither trust nor believe them. We've been lied to and deceived so many times in the past that many of us are not willing to swallow the medicine they're pushing.

The President on several occasions has said he will save money by cutting waste and fraud from Medicare and Medicaid. I have a question for Obama: if you can truly do this, why aren't you doing it now? That would be a good start toward establishing a little credibility for yourself, because right now you have no credibility with me.

Nancy Pelosi has said a government option would be a good way to keep insurance companies honest. HAH - as if the conniving, two-faced Ms. Pelosi knows anything at all about honesty!

There are better ideas out there, but Obama and the Dems are ignoring and stifling them. That way, they can claim that Republicans are simply oppositional and don't have any new ideas about solving healthcare problems.

The ultimate goal of President Obama and his cohorts is not to improve healthcare or contain costs - it's to establish more governmental control in our lives. We're in for a long and, I fear, dirty conflict, but too much depends on this not to hang in there and fight.

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