Monday, September 7, 2009

New Movie

Michael Moore, or as I am fond of calling him "Fat Bastard", is at it again. He has a new movie coming out in which he calls capitalism "evil". The movie even features a couple of priests who claim that capitalism is evil for failing to protect the poor. Funny how liberals don't want anything to do with religion or clergy until they find a way to exploit it.

Capitalism is far from perfect; it's run by humans who are prone to weaknesses such as greed and dishonesty, but so is every other economic and social system. What Moore will never admit is that capitalism, with all its faults, still offers people the best opportunity to pull themselves out of poverty. There is a reason that people from all over the world want to live here, sometimes risking their very lives to get here. The American dream is still alive around the world and those struggling to achieve it recognize that it is "do-able".

I've always found it very odd that someone like Michael Moore condemns capitalism, the very system that has made him a wealthy man. Could it be that he doesn't want to share the wealth?

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