Sunday, October 20, 2013

Do They Really Believe What They Say?

Robert Redford and Chris Noth, those noted political "experts" and has-been actors, have joined the chorus of what has now become a monotonous litany. That is, those of us who oppose President Obama on his agenda must, of course, be racist.  We couldn't possibly be against what he stands for and what he is doing to this country.  It's all because of his skin color.  

I have to wonder if these guys really believe the nonsense they spout or is it just sheep-like behavior, i.e., someone in the media says it and they just fall in line behind it.  What's really irksome is the authoritative way in which they pontificate, as if they really have any first-hand experience with or know any conservatives.  These elites live in a bubble and really have no idea what "normal" Americans believe.  

To quote Obama, "let me be clear":  no one I know has a problem with the color of Obama's skin.  We have a huge issue with the "content of his character", which is to say he has none.  He tells lies with impunity, while so-called "journalists" run interference for him.  His administration is riddled with scandals, but no one appears to pay a price for any misbehavior, and certainly no one takes any responsibility for their misdeeds.  He has made the United States a laughing stock on the world stage and has bowed to our enemies. That is unforgivable in a president.

People like Redford, Noth and others defending Obama are lost causes.  Facts apparently mean absolutely nothing to them.  They get their news from slanted sources and can't even see that there is any bias in the media. To make matters worse, they probably wouldn't dream of actually going into the heartland and personally meeting "the common folk".  These people, who accuse conservatives of being rigid, are the most close-minded bunch around. Even worse, they attempt at every turn to stifle those of us who dare to dissent, but I have a message for them:  we will never be silenced by the likes of you.  The future of our country depends on our voices.     

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