Monday, July 1, 2013

An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

I have no illusions that you will ever see this, but someone will and hopefully will spread it around to a wide audience.  At any rate, I have a feeling I will feel better for having written it.

As you're so fond of saying, let me be clear:  I didn't vote for you either time and I've never been enthralled by you.  I'm not one of the millions whom you were able to fool. I've never thought you were good at giving speeches; you're merely adequate at reading a teleprompter.  People speak of how intelligent you are.  That's debatable, but one thing has become glaringly apparent over the past five years: you are totally lacking in wisdom. 

You were (and are) very predictable.  You did exactly what I expected you to do, i.e., try to tear this country down and remake it into something our founding fathers wouldn't recognize.  I pray every day that you will not succeed in this mission.  You are the first president in my lifetime who doesn't seem to even like this country, let alone love it.  That makes me angry, yet also sad.  You bow to our enemies and insult our allies with your arrogance and disrespect. I don't think you understand traditional American values; you seem alien to me.

You are totally lacking in leadership skills.  One of the hallmarks of a good leader is the ability to guide and persuade others.  In your infinite arrogance, you seem to think that you just have to make a pronouncement and, poof, it'll be done.  You even said as much recently, when you stated it was "shocking" that others would oppose you.  Why should you be shocked by that?  Only someone who vastly overestimates himself would be surprised that not everyone agrees with him.  

Your indecisiveness is pathetic.  You talk and talk, and debate and debate, and somehow end up paralyzed and unable to take action.  Meanwhile, Iran gets steadily closer to having nuclear weapons, the Middle East is in constant turmoil, N. Korea and China become more aggressive and the Russian president is openly disdainful toward you.  It's obvious that other world leaders do not respect you and that's an embarrassment.  

I believe that every move you make is politically driven.  The good of the country is not foremost in your mind; you're only interested in what's good for your political career.  People who disagree with you are labeled as "enemies" and targeted for intimidation. I believe the election of 2012 was the impetus that drove the decision not to help our ambassador and three others in Benghazi.  You have their blood on your hands, but I'd bet that you don't lose sleep at night over it.  

You are barely able to disguise your tendency toward tyranny.  Just yesterday,  in Africa, you told the American press to "behave".  Who in the world do you think you are?!  The press is supposed to be a watchdog, reporting honestly on an overreaching, intrusive government to protect the people from such.  Unfortunately, many of our media fail in that role, but nevertheless you seem to have a warped view of how the American press should act.  

You have demonstrated time and time again that you have no respect for our Constitution or our laws.  When the Supreme Court rules against your administration, you just carry on as if their decision means nothing.  Your entire administration is rotten to the core and no one is willing to take responsibility for anything.  

It takes a special kind of politician to anger people from one end of the political spectrum to the other, yet you've managed to do so.  I feel certain that you're concerned about how history will see you, but let me assure you:  your legacy will be one of indecisiveness, corruption and abject failure, the worst president of my lifetime.

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