Friday, June 28, 2013


Paula Deen is being buried in a mountain of scorn by all those people out there who are without fault themselves.  I'm not a Paula Deen fan, but does this punishment fit the "crime"?  

From what I gather, she uttered the "n" word years ago.  I'm not defending that, as I understand what a hurtful, hateful word it is and the feelings I know it engenders.  However, when is enough, enough?  

She has lost her television program, Sears and JC Penney are dropping her and now it's been learned that her upcoming cookbook has been cancelled by the publisher. All this for a word she uttered many years ago.  

The self-righteousness of the people doing the punishing here is truly nauseating.  Can all of them truthfully claim that they themselves have never uttered a hateful word?  The thing that's really galling is the way so many people are willing to overlook or quickly forgive behavior that is truly despicable, e.g., Anthony Weiner's sending of pictures of his genitals, but condemn someone like Paula Deen for saying something that's offensive. This seems totally disproportional to me.  Enough is enough, folks.  Give her a break. After all, those casting stones are surely not without sin themselves.

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