Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just Shut Up!

It seems as if every time I turn on the TV Obama is on it. I am sick of seeing and hearing him. I can't believe he's only been president for five months - it seems more like five years. Have we ever had a president who's as egomaniacal as this one? I thought Bill Clinton was an egomaniac, but Obama makes Clinton look humble.

Meanwhile, he's not really taking care of anything. He's busy looking busy, trying to take on too much, too quickly, and in the process he's hurting this country. I'd really like to know how much voter remorse there is; how many people are thinking "This isn't what I voted for"?

His stock lines are getting real old: he "inherited" this mess (no mention, of course, of the role Congress played in this fiasco), he "doesn't want to run the car companies", banks, etc. You get the picture: he says these things over and over and meanwhile proceeds to do just what he says he doesn't want to do. Well, you can get by on charm and good looks just so long; eventually people start noticing what you're doing.

Businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie got it right. He said, "As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I simply watch what they do." That would be a good practice for all of us.

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