Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eye Opener

I had lunch today with a friend whom I haven't seen in awhile. The subject of politics came up and she mentioned she had seen my blog. What she said next kind of surprised me; she told me that I "rant" on my blog.

I guess I do; I'm very passionate about this country and its future. I don't simply want to rant and rave - I want to offer solutions to problems. Trouble is, I really believe that too many people in this country are ignorant of the basic structure of our government and how it's supposed to work. They simply don't know current events and we thus end up with someone like Obama as president.

What's the answer? I admit that I don't know. When you have a poorly informed electorate and mainstream media who are determined to protect Obama, you have a toxic combination.

I really want to hear suggestions from those of you who feel as I do. Any ideas?


  1. I'm curious about your friend's political persuasion. The left would like nothing more than to shut conservatives up and they're trying awfully hard to do so. I agree that ignorance and an out-of-control media are what got Obama elected. You, and millions more just like you, will get Obama unelected.

  2. Actually, my friend isn't particularly "political" at all. I would call her center-right, although her family are all Obama supporters. She doesn't agree with them, however.