Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Supreme Court Justice

OK - so Obama is going to get the opportunity to nominate a new Supreme Court justice. He wants someone with "empathy".

Well, it's not the role of a Supreme Court member to show empathy in his or her rulings. Just a reminder: judges are supposed to be objective in their decisions. The Supreme Court acts as a check on the power of the president and Congress. The Constitution, the foundation of our government, is to be their guideline. Judges are supposed to rely on their intellects to make decisions, not their feelings.

One of the names being bandied about for the nomination is Sonia Sotomayor. She has stated that the courts are "where policy is made". WRONG!!!! Making policy is the role of the legislature, not the judicial system. Do they even teach civics in schools anymore?

Are these people ignorant of the roles of the different branches of government, or are they just determined to impose their views on the rest of us, regardless of what the Constitution says? I don't want to think that their intentions are sinister, but I have to wonder.

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