Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dear Mr. Trump....

Dear Mr. Trump,

Speaking as someone who voted for you on Super Tuesday, despite my serious reservations, I'd like to offer you some advice.  I normally don't attempt to speak for other people, but much of what I'm going to say has been voiced to me by others who agree with me.

First, please expand your vocabulary!  Some of us are sick of hearing certain words over and over, e.g, "disaster", "liar" and "tremendous" to name a few.  In addition, please quit telling us how wealthy and successful you are and how you've built a "huge" company.  Each time you tell us how rich you are, I have to wonder if underneath all that bluster you're really deeply insecure.  I've heard that the old guard folks of Palm Beach look down on you despite your wealth, considering you ostentatious and vulgar.  Could that be part of the problem?

Last, but certainly not least, please quit hurling personal insults at those who criticize or disagree with you.  Calling people names is immature, unprofessional and wholly inappropriate in one who aspires to be president of the United States.  You often act like a bully, which is most unattractive.  Now I hear that you threatened Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, saying he'd "pay a big price" if you can't work with him!  Why not say instead that you and Mr. Ryan will work together to iron out any differences between you for the benefit of the country? I do hope you realize that Congress is not subordinate to the president; it is the president's equal.  

Instead of sending out juvenile tweets, please devote some time to sharing details of what your policies will be like as president.  What, precisely, do you want to accomplish?  Are you wise enough to surround yourself with experts who know more than you do, or will you be like the current egomaniac in the White House who thinks no one knows as much as he does?  "Make America Great Again" is a pretty good slogan, but what specifically do you plan to do to achieve that goal?  

To your credit, you have prodded people to start talking about tough issues that probably wouldn't have been brought up in this election cycle.  A great many Americans are sick and tired of political correctness and your brashness has a certain refreshing quality to it.  How about taking it to a new level by adopting a more mature tone and filling in some details of what we could expect with a Trump presidency.  Please don't make me regret voting for you.

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