Friday, March 1, 2013

Contempt and Loathing

Well, the talks today between congressional leaders and the president about the impending sequestration apparently have failed.  Is anyone surprised?  

President Obama portrays himself as having his hands tied - those evil, rigid Republicans simply won't compromise and won't agree to "new revenue".  Meanwhile, Obama repeats over and over, ad nauseam, that he wants a "balanced approach" (please see my blog posting of 2/8/13 for that definition).  

May we remind the president that he has already raised our taxes this year, and it's now time for him to do some compromising?  Democrats always promise spending cuts sometime in the not well-defined future, but somehow that time never seems to come.  

If the president were even halfway honest, he'd tell people that he has no interest in cutting governmental spending and his "balanced approach" means he wants tax hikes on everyone.  When he says that Republicans won't agree to "new revenue", what he really means is that Republicans refuse to raise taxes, especially in light of the fact that we've already seen a tax hike this year.  Republicans wanted to pass a bill that would give President Obama greater flexibility in deciding where spending cuts would occur when the sequestration kicks in, but Obama immediately announced he would veto such a bill. Why would he do that, when it gives him more power?  It's simple:  if such a bill were passed, the president would then have to actually make a decision and take some responsibility (gasp!) for something and we can't have that!

The fact is, Obama wants to make the sequestration as painful as possible for as many people as possible in the belief that Americans will blame Republicans for their pain. He is hell bent on decimating Republicans in the hope that Democrats can take control of the House next year. The fact that an American president is willing to inflict unnecessary pain on the American populace for his own political gain is shocking and shameful.  

I pray that my fellow Americans will wake up and recognize the chaos and damage that this president is wreaking on our country, all in the name of political power.  Obama has inspired some strong feelings in many people.  For me, those feelings are contempt and loathing.  

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