Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hatred, Lies and the Media

What on earth is happening to our society and the so-called mainstream media who report on it?  Coverage of the Romney campaign and Republican convention is - surprise! surprise! - horribly biased and sometimes downright dishonest.  It's reported that MSNBC covered the convention in such as way so as to not show the minority speakers.  Also, CNN and MSNBC coincidentally happen to be the only "news" outlets who supposedly witnessed a racist attack on a CNN camerawoman by two Republican delegates.  

The hatred and profanity spewing forth on Twitter from certain individuals is pathetic.  Whatever happened to civil discourse?  I can only conclude that the hatred and vulgar language gushing from the likes of Ellen Barkin and Samuel L. Jackson are due to limited vocabularies and a dearth of intellect that make reasoned discussion impossible.  

Hillary Clinton once said that she didn't see how a Christian could be a Republican.  Clearly, liberals consider themselves morally superior to conservatives, but when you spew lies and hatred, you unquestionably cede the moral high ground.  

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