Friday, September 2, 2011

The Democrats' 4H Club

There is certainly a lot of heated rhetoric flying about these days.  While this occurs on both ends of the political spectrum, the Democrats have taken it to new heights.  

The 4H club of the Democrats consists of four prongs:  hyperbole, histrionics, hypocrisy and hatefulness.  Some of the Democrats seem completely out of their minds, as they recklessly throw charges of racism and murderous intent around.   The tea party seems to have driven them crazy and as they see their power slipping away, the Dems have responded with over-the-top accusations that simply diminish their credibility. Mad Maxine Waters and crazed congressman Carson are but two of the more prominent Democrats out there spewing their demented rants while trying to stir up passion in their constituents.  So much for civility.  

President Obama, if he were any kind of leader, could and would put the damper on all this nonsense.  I believe these people are spewing their ridiculous rants because they have the tacit approval of the president.  Barack Obama - the most divisive president of my lifetime.    

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