Monday, March 14, 2011

Wasting Time

Our President seems hugely challenged by decision-making.  I am completely sick of hearing phrases such as "we're considering a wide range of options", "we're examining all our options", and "we'll make a decision in the near future". Obama's great at discussion, but the time comes when a president has to quit discussing and actually take some action, and Obama consistently falls short in this area.

I believe President Obama wants a world in which all countries are equal and none lead.  He is apparently uncomfortable with the idea of the United States being a world leader and he most certainly is not up to the job of being the "leader of the free world".  I would argue that the world is more chaotic and less safe when the United States fails to lead the way.  Other countries may criticize us, sometimes relentlessly, but when there is imminent danger, they still look to us for leadership and protection.  Somewhere along the line, Obama never got that message.

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