Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Mean Season

With the election nearing, the political ads and rhetoric are often over the top.  In a recent debate, Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas accused her Republican opponent, John Boozman, of having voted in Congress to allow a father who had raped his daughter to sue the doctor who performed an abortion on the daughter he had raped.  The only problem is that Mr. Boozman had no idea what she was talking about and when challenged, she couldn't back up her ugly accusation. 

The ad by Florida Democratic representative Alan Grayson is one of the most shameful, despicable things I've ever seen a politician do.  This is the ad that takes a quotation from his opponent, Daniel Webster, completely out of context, which makes it seem totally different from the original quotation in its entirety. He then compares Mr. Webster to the  Taliban!  No, nothing over the top about that.  Mr. Grayson should be ashamed, but he seems to have no sense of shame at all and I can't imagine why anyone would consider voting for someone so devoid of character. 

The Democrats can't really run on their legislative "accomplishments".  They managed to pass a lot of new laws, but the only problem is that the majority of Americans didn't want those laws.  They now can do nothing but resort to name-calling and outright lies to divert attention from the damage they're doing to the economy and the country as a whole. 

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