Sunday, June 13, 2010

Does Obama Want the Oil Spill Cleaned Up?

I'm hearing that the Dutch government offered help in cleaning up the oil spill and various American entrepreneurs have invented products that show great promise in the clean up of oil spills.  Yet, our government declined the Dutch help and has resisted using the new inventions because they "don't meet EPA standards"!

What's really going on here?  If I were president, I'd welcome suggestions and help from any reasonable quarter.  Yet, Obama declines to try these products or let anyone from a foreign government help us. 

I have a sneaking suspicion that Obama doesn't want to clean up this mess anytime soon.  And because everything this president does is a political calculation, he must have ulterior motives for dragging his feet. 

What could it be?  Does he want to punish BP to make himself seem strong?  If so, he's failing miserably at this.  He comes across as Barney Fife, talking big, but everyone knows he's inept, weak and cowardly. 

I think a more likely explanation is that he wants to use this crisis  as a way to stop oil drilling, especially offshore, and also to push through "cap and tax" legislation to allegedly "protect" the environment and stop so-called climate change.   

If I'm right, this is the most despicable motivation I can imagine.  Obama seems to be a man devoid of empathy and uninterested in the welfare of this country.  I only can hope and pray that he leaves office before he causes permanent damage to the country. 

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