Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Head Crybaby

Will the time ever come when  Obama quits blaming the previous administration for everything?  President Obama did, as he reminds us over and over, inherit a deficit.  But he has taken that deficit and put it on steroids, with no end in sight to the reckless spending.

Enough!!  I for one am sick and tired of watching this president bob and weave, avoiding responsibility for anything and everything and maneuvering so as not to leave his fingerprints anywhere.  I thought I was "unshockable", but I've found that's not correct.  The baldfaced lies emanating from this administration have laid that misconception to rest.

This administration has made it clear that it has no regard for the will of most Americans.  Indeed, it seems they even have contempt for us.  Let's hope and pray that in the elections of 2010 voters will send an unmistakably clear message to Congress:  you're history!

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