Monday, November 2, 2009

Tyranny in Our Government

Nancy Pelosi is pushing to bring her monstrous health care bill to the floor for a vote on Friday or Saturday.  The tyrannical Speaker of the House has crafted this bill, called by the Wall Street Journal "the worst bill ever", completely behind closed doors.  Representative Michelle Bachman, speaking on Sean Hannity's radio show today, said they even went so far as to change the locks on the doors to keep out Republicans.  Where in the world is our "post partisan" president? 

We are staring tyranny in the face.  Are we going to fight or flinch?  I for one plan to contact senators and representatives to express my feelings.  Tea Party Patriots has made it easy to send faxes and has a list of targeted senators and representatives.  Please take a few minutes to contact these people, either through e-mail, phone, or fax, to clarify to them what our will is on this matter and what the consequences will be if they go along with Ms. Pelosi. 

Nancy Pelosi has made it clear that she is willing to sacrifice Democrat seats in the House to get this abomination passed.  Note to the Blue Dog Democrats:  why would you sacrifice your political career for this hateful woman? 

What do you plan to do to stop this impending train wreck?

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