Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mediocrity Reigns

It's getting more and more difficult to watch the proceedings in our nation's capital.  What seems to be taking front and center stage are deceit, outright lies, immaturity and mediocrity.  There was a time when the title "Senator" or "Representative" commanded respect.  Sadly, it now engenders distrust or outright contempt in many, and rightfully so.  The best and brightest in our society seem to avoid entering political life. 

I fear that Congress is a microcosm of our society.  Whatever happened to civility?  Where did the pursuit of excellence go?  Why do so many people refuse to take responsibility for their behavior?  Too many people have begun to accept mediocrity in their daily lives.  We settle for poor service in businesses, we do just enough to get by, we don't demand that our children behave or perform well.  Is it any wonder that our congressional representatives often behave badly?  They are simply a reflection of we, the people. 

We would all do well to take a critical look at our own words and actions.  There is an abundance of hatred and vitriol on both sides (I happen to believe it's worse on the left than the right).  Hopefully, we as conservatives can take stock, strive for excellence in our personal lives, and not sink to the level to which too many have fallen. 

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