Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Mob

The Democrats are characterizing the citizens who are speaking out at Town Hall meetings as a "mob" which has been recruited and agitated by lobbyists who oppose the proposed health care "reform". Nancy Pelosi has gone so far as to say some were carrying swastikas.

The DNC's newsletter says that these people are just attempting to stifle reasoned debate and press secretary Dilbert, er, Robert Gibbs says these protests are manufactured. Could the Democrats BE any more out of touch?

Ordinary people are angry and frustrated because our so-called representatives are ignoring our comments and our wishes. The DNC is disingenuous when they say the protestors are trying to stifle debate. It has been the Dems themselves who have refused to have a discussion about this and the people are gagging from having this shoved down their throats. They have chosen to ignore us and we have had to resort to shouting just to get their attention.

Now, to top off everything, Obama has called for those who receive "fishy" e-mails to report them to the White House. Why? What on earth are you planning to do about these, Obama? Believe it or not, people DO have a right to disagree with you; check out the Constitution since you apparently have not done so recently.

I think people have reached a point where many are determined to fight this and these obnoxious tactics of the Obama administration will not intimidate them. Hang in there, protestors!

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