Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Act for America

I went to a presentation last night by Brigitte Gabriel, founder of Act for America. She has appeared on several occasions on the Fox News Channel, and has addressed audiences at the FBI, the U.S. Special Operations Command, members of Congress, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs and the British Parliament's House of Commons, as well as other prominent groups. She herself is a victim of terrorism, having lost her home in Lebanon at the age of 10 to terrorists, subsequently living in a bomb shelter until she was 17, when she and her family escaped to Israel.

Her speech was compelling and she convinced me that it is IMPERATIVE that we put pressure on the government to drop political correctness and seriously address this issue. The drug cartels in Mexico are being paid by Al Qaeda to smuggle terrorists and weapons across the border, and these terrorists live among us, quietly training right under our noses to destroy us. There are 35 known training compounds in the United States, many of them in states surrounding Washington, D.C., but also as far flung as my home state of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, California, and Washington state, and still our government does not effectively enforce border security.

The executive director of Act for America also spoke briefly. He said if Americans knew even 1/10 of what he knows about terrorists in this country, we'd forget the economy and focus on this as the #1 problem in America.

National security has to be priority #1. We could have the best economy in history, yet if we are not secure from attack from within and without, it could all be destroyed in the blink of an eye. Please visit Act for America's web site and take action to help protect us from this enormous internal threat. Just as the NRA has successfully fought gun control with a large membership that donates small amounts, Act for America is trying to follow their example in their fight against radical Islam. Please do whatever you can to help their efforts.

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  1. Obama and Congress are so intent on weakening this country that I fear another attack is just a matter of time. Heaven knows what further clamp down on our liberties will occur if and when that happens.